Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doc's Appointment

I made a doc's appt because I haven't been feeling too hot the last couple of days. My doc tried to find the heartbeat and seriously we tried for over a minute and couldn't find anything so she told me to take a deep breath (cuz I was freaking OUT) and calm down and she'll try again. We ended up finding the heartbeat but apparently the baby was bouncing around so much that it was impossible to keep it for more than 5 seconds. She couldn't even get an accurate reading. So that was relieving!

She told me I need to:

- Up my calorie intake by about double (whoops... I thought I was eating lots but apparently not)
- Take extra Calcium AND Vitamin D supplements
- Drink a LOT more water
- Go see a dentist ASAP (bleeding gums)

So that's the dealio! So now I'm off to eat a friggen HUGE lunch, hahaha

Friday we find out the sex!!! WOOO!!!


  1. I'm glad you went in and everything's ok. I went in once and they couldn't find the heartbeat for over 5 mins... she had to go get the ultrasound machine. She saw the baby moving and squirming, and that's when I learned I had an anterior placenta. She assured me not to worry when she couldn't find the hb, but how could I not?! Thankfully (both of our) baby(ies) are ok!! :)

  2. So glad all is okay! I had a few scares like that too with Kai. For some reason I never did with Dane. Who knows. I can say though that Kai was a lot squirmier in general so maybe thats why...

    If I were you, I would go ahead and get a good calcium/ magnesium/ zinc supplement. They are very helpful during pregnancy AND while breastfeeding. *hugs*


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