Wednesday, April 14, 2010

30 Random Things About Me

1. Grossest thing I've ever seen: a homeless dude eating his leg with a fork in Kensington. I'm not even kidding, but I wish I was.

2. I watch my husband sleep sometimes and think of how lucky I am. I can't even explain how lucky I am.

3. I think I'm hilarious. Some don't get my sense of humour, but the ones who do really think I'm funny.

4. I am weirdly in love with my puppy. I mean, I really love him. Sometimes I think it may not be healthy to love a dog this much, but I don't care. He is amazing and cute and so, so funny and smart. If it weren't for him, I think I'd be much more depressed that we have no kids yet.

5. I love musicals. I mean, I loooove musicals. Sometimes when Ryan's not in the car (because he is not a fan of my singing), I sing so loud. Especially to Rent... and Hairspray... and Chicago... and I pretend I'm on stage singing as the star of the show and, of course, I'm really good. I even know the dance moves. And I get all excited thinking of how awesome I'd be on stage singing "it's nothing, they turned off my heat, and I'm just a little weak on my feet, would you light my caaannddlleeeeeeeeeee"

6. I once met Rachel Leigh Cook (actress) in Starbucks on 17th Ave in Calgary. I called a cab for her, she said I was her hero. To this day, I believe fully that she remembers me as her hero.

7. I don't know what I'd do without my parents. They seriously do SO much for us. I love that they live so close to me and when the thought of moving away comes up, I get sad knowing I'd be further away from my folks. They are the best parents in the world.

8. I have the best friends in the world. I even have groups for them... the "Fairview Girls", the "Edmonton Crew", the "Lethbridge Gang" ,"the Roommates", and the "Strathmore Peeps". All of them I am super close with for different reasons and I love them all. And all of these people make me laugh. All the time. Some of the funniest people on this planet are placed in each of these groups.

9. I would rather watch a TV show on DVD rather than on television. It's so much more fun watching a tv show without commercials. I tend to forget what just happened on a show during the commercials and then I get all confused when the show starts again. Ryan hates it when I always ask "wait, what happened to make this happen??"

10. I don't tend to listen very well. I look like I"m listening, but I seem to blank out when people are talking to me. I'll go through a whole conversation and like 3 days later the person will go to me and say "hey, remember when I told you about this..." and I'll be like "uhhh.... suuure...." It's a curse.

11. I'm pregnant with our 1st child, and I'm terrified!!

12. I hate hair. Wet hair especially. If you stay at my house and leave hair on the wall of the shower, or on the floor, and I see it or have to touch it, I will throw up. Just thinking about wet hair makes me want to gag. It's disgusting. I think this was rooted from when I lived with Sunny. "The Roommates" will get this one.

13. I really believe in God and my faith is what keeps me going everyday. And I don't try to force my faith on other people: believe what you want. But some things are true whether you believe in them or not. And if I'm wrong, and there is no God, then I didn't waste anything in life. But if I'm right... well, if I'm right then I'm pretty happy with the decisions I've made because the alternative is not something I would want to experience.

14. I love my house, and am very grateful that we have this house!

15. I check my facebook like 8,000 time a day. It's an awful habit.

16. I hate women drivers. They are always talking on their cell phones and being horrible drivers. Why go 60 km/hr in an 80 zone, then 140 km/hr in a 110 zone? GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE!

17. Brad Paisley is my favourite.

18. I read Perez Hilton all day. I hate how celebrities are idolized and make me feel like I should look differently, but I can't turn away. I have to know what's going on with Britney and Jessica. I just have to.

19. I always wish I had a different body, but I can't stop eating junk food. I'd have cookies for supper if I could. But I don't have the metabolism to do so. Sometimes, that makes me sad.

20. I overreact to pretty much everything.

21. I hate it when someone sits in my spot on the couch. It's MY spot. It's contorted to my body. But I don't blame people - it really is the most comfortable spot on the couch.

22. I have never learned how to deal with death. I've had 3 people close to me pass away, two of which were my grandparents. I miss them a lot, and think about them quite often. And I know I'm pretty much taking this from Nicole's note, the passing of these 3 people has really made me realize how precious life is and how much it would hurt if one of my close family or friends passes away... or Bauer. So to you: I love you!

23. Sometimes I miss Fairview. I loved growing up there.

24. I always secretly believe that I will win the lottery.... or that I really deserve to win the lottery.

25. I like to complain. I complain about pretty much everything. But I always actually love doing things. Like, I complain about throwing someone a party, but I absolutely love doing it. I think I just love the compliments that comes with throwing someone a party. I should change #25 to "I love being complimented". But I won't.

26. My biggest pet peeve: when people don't pick up their dogs poop.

27. I do not eat meat, and I am very proud of this fact. I'm about a month away from being a vegetarian for 1 full year. I feel like I've helped Earth. And every time I hear of an animal being abused, or hear of some factory that sold a bunch of products with some sort of bacteria in it... I am reminded about how awful the mass production meat industry really is.

28. I love my job.

29. To this day, I am afraid to turn off the lights in the bathroom because Candyman will get me, and I still expect a crazed toy clown to grab my feet as I get into bed because of Poltergeist. Both of these, I blame Tanya Miller for.

30. I am anal about spelling. I hate it when people use the incorrect "your/you're" or the wrong "their/there/they're". It's seriously not that hard!

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