Monday, August 16, 2010

34 Week Appointment

So I had another OBGYN appointment today and everything looks great. Head down, lots of fluid, kicking, heart beat of 165.

I'm still measuring 2 weeks later. She showed me a chart on size, weight and all that good stuff and I'm just a bit above the "norm". She said she's NOT worried about it at all, they're not changing my due date, they're not sending me for an ultrasound. But, she did say that after this Friday (when I'm 35 weeks), I can basically have the baby at any time and they won't try to stop labour or anything. So that's super exciting! After this Friday, I can have my baby!! Woo!! I'm sooooo excited!

Dear LORD I hope I'm not late hahahahaahahahahaha. I'm going to be dragging my belly on the floor!

Oh and my doc today was that lady I mentioned I had a few appointments ago that I love. I told her I reeeally hope she delivers my baby - that she's my favourite. I also asked her about Episiotomies and she said that in all her years of delivering babies, the most she's done in 1 year was 3. She HATES doing them, she thinks they're ridiculous, and will go about all measures to keep that from happening. I LOVE HER!!!!

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