Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doc's Appointment

So today was quite the interesting doctor's appointment. Everything looks good, baby is happy and healthy, her head is down (yay!!!!), and the pain in my side is definitely from little miss kicking my ribs and my kidneys (nothing to be worried about).

However, apparently I am measuring 2 weeks bigger than I "should" be for right now. *gulp* They'll do another test on August 16, and check it out again. If I'm still measuring bigger, I'll be sent for another ultrasound just to make sure everything is fine and good, and then we'll be getting a new due date.

Note: conceiving and due dates are still set in stone - that won't change. Just, because of the fact that baby is bigger than she should be right now, she could be considered "full term" earlier than expected, which would give me a new "due date" but the new "due date" would be at 38 weeks gestation rather than the regular 40 weeks. Anyways, I guess this means that in 2 weeks I could technically be full term and be able to give birth at any time. Please excuse me while I have a heart attack!

Pleeeease Lord let this baby be a girl!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

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