Friday, August 20, 2010

35 Weeks!!

So in 2 weeks, I am officially "full term". However, since I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, I guess that would mean that technically I'm currently "full term." Who knows. Either way, after today little miss can come at any time and I can't be more excited - I want to meet her so badly!!

Nothing overly new this past week:

- I am now getting up 2-3-4 times a night to pee.

- Even though it's freezing in the house, I am sweating. Last night Ryan and Bauer were under the blankets and I was standing in the kitchen trying to cool off.

- Walks are more difficult. Braxton Hicks like to kick my ass on walks and it's a lot of work to bend over and pick up whatever Bauer drops on the ground, or to put his leash back on. Ryan has started coming with me on our walks though so that has been great!

- Baby girl is kicking like MAD. It's quite remarkable. I'm constantly amazed at the feeling of her kicking. Yesterday I went for a massage and the masseuse could actually see the blanket moving with how hard this kid kicks! It makes me proud and terrified at the same time. She's totally going to be a little psycho red head, isn't she??

Other than that, nothing new with the pregnancy this month. My whole family is in Nova Scotia right now for my brother's wedding, which makes me really sad that I can't be there. According to Baby Centre, this is my last week to be able to fly. But when I called Air Canada and West Jet, they suggested not flying in the last trimester no matter what. So... I went with them. I am missing my own brother's wedding. I hope he has the most beautiful wedding tomorrow. I hope I can watch it on the webcam!

Oh and this morning we had a huge thunder and lightning storm and Bauer was soooo SCARED. He wouldn't even cuddle with me - he stood in the bathroom near Ryan the whole time he was getting ready for work. It was kinda cute, but kinda annoying - I like my morning Bauer boy cuddles, and the darn storm ruined that for me!!

And here's my 35 week photo:

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  1. you look great!! I can't wait to "meet" Aryn!! <3


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