Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 Months / 9 Weeks

2 months and 3 days ago, you were just a dream. You were something I wanted and couldn't wait to meet. Now, it's 2 months and 2 days later and you have changed my entire world. And I couldn't be happier about it!

Every day you change and it amazes me when I read up on what you should be doing every week and I say aloud "you're already doing that!!" or I learn something that I should be watching for and BAM - you do it. It's amazing to watch you grow up and change and become this person with a real personality. You love things, you hate things, you smile at things and you frown at things. This makes me laugh and cry and ... well, I can't get enough of you!!!

What have you done in the past week or so since my last update...

- Shots. Yesterday you got your first immunization. I did not want you to get it. I have heard and read too much bad stuff about immunizations; what is in them, the side effects, etc. But I was vetoed and I had to take you to get it done. You cried a bit for your first 2 shots, but when they gave you that Pneumonia shot... WOW. I have never heard that cry from you before. I did not like it, and it made me tear up. Grandma Gina came with me and even she said your pneumonia cry was the saddest little cry ever. You were hurt, and it pained me that it was because of me you were hurting. But I hope that these shots were not in vain and that you stay super healthy for the rest of your days. You were such a trooper, and you fell asleep on the way home and you were up for maybe 20 minutes the rest of the day and even though you woke up at 7pm to eat, then at 2:30am to eat, then at 5:30am to eat, you slept all the way until 8:30am. Mommy didn't get as much sleep as you, as I kept running in every few hours to check on you.

- Mirror. You love the mirror. Wow, it's the cutest thing ever watching you in front of that mirror. You just stare at yourself and laugh. If I put you under the mobile thingy it's even better. You just play in there for as long as I let you. Sometimes you fall asleep while playing, which means mommy has ignored you for quite awhile (mommy is still working!)

- Thumb. You have started sucking that darn thumb! The soother pops out and - in goes the fist. That tiny thumb finds its way out from the clutch and POP! right in that mouth. It drives me crazy. I fight with you, trying to get that fist out of that mouth. I don't want you to be a thumb sucker. At least with a soother I can take it away when you're older - but I can't take away your thumb!!

- Bath. You LOOOOOVE the bath more and more every week. However, the last 4 days you've started loving something even more than baths: pooping in your bath. It never fails! You'll be splashing away then you'll stop for a split second and then the tub is instantly green. I find it quite hilarious. Your dad thinks it's gross.

- Naps. You fight those naps. I've been feeding you every 2 hours for most of this week. You eat, then play for about an hour and a half, then you have a mini cat nap for 20-25 minutes then you're up doing it all over again. It's fine, because you're happy as a clam playing on your mats. But honey, mommy needs you to sleep. You just don't want to!

- Bauer. I love bringing Bauer to you just so you can look at him. You'll be whiny or fussy and then Bauer walks in front of you and the eyes light up and the biggest smile spreads across your face. You love that dog. You've been kicking him and pulling his hair and sticking your hands in his face. You poked him in the eye yesterday. And he just lays there. As long as he's getting loving from me, he'll let you do anything to him. I hope this lasts. By the way, I still think he doesn't like you.

- Sleep. You have become a CHAMPION sleeper!!!! You go to bed at about 8pm on the dot (I can't keep you awake much longer than that). You get sleepy while mommy is holding you after your bath, then before you fall asleep completely, I put you in your bed. I've been swaddling you for the last week and it's working awesome - you sleep soo much better when you're swaddled! Then you wake up anywhere from 2:30-5am for a feeding, then right back to sleep for another 4 hours or so. At about 8/8:30am you wake up fully for another hour and a half then you have another good nap. Mommy LOVES this. Even haven't been able to sleep as well as you at night, I am loving the big huge happy smiles I get when I come get you in the morning. Wow... the best smiles yet. You are so beautiful.

Aryn, I love you so much more today than I did yesterday!!! I can't wait to see you tomorrow morning!!

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