Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings

I hate daylight savings.

Yesterday, I felt like I finally had things figured out. I knew more about Aryn yesterday than I felt like I have yet. I knew what she wanted. When she cried, I knew why. When she whined, I could do something. But all of that changed when we woke up this morning. Why?

Daylight savings.

I never thought 1 hour would make such a big difference. I tried to change all of her eating schedule, only to put her to bed at 6pm without eating (she screamed bloody murder - SERIOUSLY - whenever I tried to feed her starting at 3pm, then 4pm, then 5pm, then finally 6pm). She woke up at 7:30 and I fed her again - this time somewhat more successfully, and I will wake up again at 10:30 and feed her again. I would prefer to do it at 10pm, but I don't want to overfeed the poor kid!!

Aryn, I have to tell you something:

When you scream and scream and scream for no apparent reason... your mommy and daddy laugh at you. You are soooo cute when you scream. Your face goes all red, your bottom lip quivers and sticks out, and you punch your little fists in the air with all your might. Sometimes, you punch mommy in the face and squeeze her neck fat. It's quite the spectacle and we can't help but laugh every time you get like that. I'm sorry... obviously you are pissed but we just can't help ourselves!!

So here's to a successful night ..... fingers crossed....

Stupid daylight savings....................................


  1. Aww. It messes up their tiny little schedules so much. Their little bodies just don't get it, do they? I'm sorry she is havin a rough time. Give it a few days and things will re adjust.

    Kai was my screamer. D never really screamed. He would just squirm and be cranky. Kai, not so much. He would just get so unreasonable. You couldn't help but laugh. He is still a big time drama king and it still makes me giggle when he loses his schmidt over something small.


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