Tuesday, November 9, 2010

8 Weeks

I have learned so much about Aryn this week that it amazes me.

- Laughing. You laugh in your sleep. It is the cutest and funniest thing. It's a real belly laugh, complete with cooing and a big smile. It only lasts seconds but I love it when it happens and I get to witness it.

- Smiles. You love giving smiles. When you wake up, you eat right away and then I lay you on the floor and you can kick your legs and look around and that's when - for about an hour - I can get real smiles from you. You have the most beautiful smile. Your whole face lights up, and it makes me so happy to see those smiles!!! Now, I don't love these smiles all the time. When you get up at whatever-time in the night because you startled yourself, or you dropped your soother, or for whatever reason - and I go in there and you give me the biggest smile... it drives me crazy! I want to smile right back at you and say "hi, pretty girl!" but it's 2am and mommy has not slept in 8 weeks. You're just too damn cute for your own good.


- You HATE dirty diapers. You could have the tinniest of skid marks on your diaper and you will scream until I change it. Sometimes it doesn't even occur to me to change your diaper because I did it like 20 minutes earlier. But after every pee, every wet fart, every single thing you do, that diaper has to be changed. You could be in the deepest of sleeps at 3am and cry - just because your diaper needs to be changed.

- You love Bauer. That dog hates you. He tries to sit on you, lay on you, he puts his paw on your face, he always tries to sit between you and me. But the second you see him, you are straining your neck to get a better view, you're trying to tough him, and you always give him smiles - more smiles than you give Daddy!! Bauer hates it when you're getting ready for bath time - he always comes in, sniffs you and "pfft"s you because you're taking my attention away from him and you will come thisclose to rolling over just to get closer to that dog who hates you. It makes me laugh.

- Bath time. You looooooooooooooooooooooove bath time. I get you naked, and lay you on the floor in the bathroom and you will sit there for as long as I leave you, happy as a clam, kicking your legs. You love being naked. Yesterday, I left you like that, made myself supper AND ate it while you were happily hanging out alone on the bathroom floor. Then, you go in the bathtub and it's a whole new world - you splash and smile and punch the water. I love giving you baths!

- Spit up. You spit up EVERYTHING. I mean, you're gaining weight so I'm not too worried but come on. I put you down, and white stuff just pours out! And that's after burping you for at least 5 minutes and getting many burps and white drool. It's unbelievable!!

- Sleep. Aryn, you and sleep have a love/hate relationship (and at 1 and 4am, you and I do as well!). You were doing sooooooooooo great for like 2 weeks and now all bets are off. Mommy has been trying to figure out HOW to do sleep. She's read book after book, website after website, listened to advice after advice... to no avail. You and I just can't figure out sleep. You fall asleep at about 7:30-8pm. I was waking you up at 10pm to eat, but honestly... sometimes I'm just too darn tired to wake you up only to have you up for a whole other hour only to get woken up by you in 3 hours. Mommy is tired. I have been following every book to teach you to sleep all through the night. But every 4-5 hours, you're up, ready to eat, then it takes me 40 minutes to get you back into bed, asleep (to which you tend to wake up from by puking or spitting up and then getting the hiccups!). I have been swaddling you the last 2 nights because you punch and scratch your face and pull that darn soother out of your mouth and toss it across your crib, only to cry 3.2 seconds later because you want your soother. But the second mommy picks you up, you are dead asleep. Mommy puts you down, you wake up. Mommy puts you to bed awake, you punch and whine and mess around until she picks you up and - bam! You're asleep. But even being held, you only sleep for like 15 minutes tops! Mommy dreads sleep time, and has actually been praying to God that you figure this out soon so that she can have at least one night of uninterrupted sleep. Mommy sleepy!!!!!


Aryn, I am LOVING being your mommy. You make me laugh and I just can't get enough of you. You are growing into such a beautiful little girl. Oh, and your hair is growing too!!!! I can't tell what colour it is on the top, but it's still red in the back. I love you soooo much!!

~ Mommy

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  1. I wouldn't wake her to eat. Ever. Many wise women told me "never wake a sleeping baby". She's old enough now that she will NOT starve if she doesn't eat every 4 hours. It's not like when they're brand new and you have to feed them around the clock. if she wants to sleep, let her - and you do the same! Madeline typically goes 10-11 hours over the night without eating. I let her sleep. She'll wake up when she's hungry. (And boy does she!)


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