Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Hospital Visit!

And so it begins......

On Thursday (November 25th) Aryn's cheeks were super hot and bright, bright red and she had a rash on her neck and behind her ears. I touched them and she screamed. She kept rubbing her face on my shoulder (which I thought was cuddling but she didn't seem to enjoy it - turns out her rash was itchy!), and she was just miserable. She rarely cries longer than like 10 seconds so when she screamed for almost a minute, I knew my little love nugget wasn't feeling 100%.

So I called Health Link and explained to them what was going on and if she could be having an allergic reaction to something. They advised me to go to the hospital because if it is an allergic reaction, we don't want it affecting her throat. So I brought her to the Strathmore hospital and the women there were just awesome. They kept telling me I did the right thing bringing her in, and that I was not overreacting (which I still disagree with hahaha).

They weighed her: 13 pounds 5 ounces

Anyways, the doctor (Dr. Pieces) thought that it was likely a continued reaction to the Almond Oil I put on Aryn's face and head Monday night. It's either that, or some other random thing she's allergic to. He gave me some cortisone cream to put on her face and neck - and honestly, within a day her cheeks and neck are clearing up. Her cheeks aren't as red but the rash on her neck is still holding on.

So that's what happened during her 10th week of life!!! I need to post more photos... they will come. Promise. I really wish my camera took better pictures.

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