Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Development...

Today, Aryn took her soother out of her mouth, looked at it, and put it right back in.

Then I scared the crap out of her by screaming "I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!" that she cried for 1/2 hour. *sigh*

... in other news, it's 9:02pm and missy is squawking in her room, refusing to fall asleep. She has been refusing ALL DAY. It's very frustrating hahahahahaha

... it's now 11:19pm and missy has pretty much been awake/asleep/awake/asleep ever since putting her down at 8pm. She's being VERY bad.

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  1. AHAHAHAHA! I seriously laughing at the first part of this entry.

    As far as the refusing to sleep... she IS Red Thunder, after all!


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