Wednesday, November 3, 2010

7 Weeks!


11 pounds, 8 1/4 ounces
Just over 23" long

She's finally slowed down her growing!!!! Yay Aryn!!

This has been a jam-packed week of growth for this little girl!! She's smiling all the time now, she's sleeping LIKE A CHAMP!! (last night I put her to bed before 8pm and she was up at 9:30am with 1 feeding at 3:30am that lasted a little longer than I'd have liked hehe), I'm working on getting her eating schedule organized a bit... I read she should be eating every 3.5-4 hours so I'm working on that but no matter how I organize it I always end up messing up and feeding her too close together for her evening feedings. I even write down what time to feed but then low and behold, I'm feeding her at 6pm then 7:30. I can't figure it out hahahahhaa. But she's happy and content so who am I to argue??

I can't get over how beautiful this girl is. She just amazes me every time I look at her! She's simply gorgeous. Her chubby cheeks, her big beautiful eyes... she's a porcelain doll - with beautiful red hair! Her hair is growing longer and even though she still has the George Castanza look going on, I have faith soon enough she'll have a full head of hair rather than the bald top.

I can't believe we're already in November. I have to start thinking about Christmas!!! I am so excited for Christmas this year... our first year with Red Thunder and I'm just pumped. What to buy her, what to buy her......



  1. trying to get breastfed babies to eat on a schedule is pointless, since so much of how/when they eat is driven by growth... not to mention, they nurse for comfort sometimes too.

    However, what I found interesting is that the amount of milk breastfed babies eat doesn't really increase after a month old. They eat between 10-30oz (approx) a day... as they get bigger and need more calories the fat content in your milk will change accordingly. Once they start eating solids around 6 months the amount of milk should begin to decrease.

    So, Madeline drinks approx 24-26oz a day. BUT, she sleeps for between 8-10 hour stretches at night... so she has to get in all those ounces during the day. Therefore, she eats every 2 hours, like clockwork, during the day. Part of me wishes she'd eat every 4 hours instead, but then I wouldn't have her sleeping through the night... and I love that she sleeps through the night.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is - don't worry about how many hours it's been since she last ate. Be it 1.5 hours or 6 hours... she'll eat when she's hungry to make sure she gets in how much she's "supposed" do during her 24 hour day.

    P.S. She's adorable and the fact that you call her Red Thunder makes me laugh!

  2. I meant 19-30oz a day!!! not 10-30oz. typo, sorry!

  3. Oh, and here's the literature about all that so you don't think I'm making it up!

  4. After 4 weeks my doctor always said feed on demand they know when they need to eat. A baby won't starve itself. Then he also said Babies are like dogs let sleeping ones sleep.


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