Friday, September 3, 2010

37 Weeks!! FULL TERM!!!!

I am officially full term!!

She can officially come at any time and she will have no more developing to do. I am so excited. I want to meet her soon. Everyone says "enjoy this time of just the two of you"... well, I've enjoyed that time for a long time now, and I'm ready to make us a family!


- LOTS of cramping - both in my lower abdomen and upper abdomen.
- Having a tougher time walking
- Exhausted. I don't even think "exhausted" is the right word. Sleep walking is more like it.
- Bathroom. Oh.My.Gosh. I have done like 15 Hard Sudoku's in the last week with how many times I go to the bathroom. And hard sudoku's take a LONG time to do. This is ridiculous!

My parents are back today, so I am feeling much better and calmer about everything. I have someone to watch Bauer, and someone who can drive me into the city should I need them to. It's just something about your parents being close that makes you feel much more calm and relaxed. Maybe this is a good sign that baby girl is coming soon??

Nothing much else. I'm the size of a house, so yet again no photos. Sorry, but... *insert puking image here*


  1. Woohoo!! Almost there! It seems like you have been pregnant forever. I want to meet Aryn already!! lol

  2. I HAVE been pregnant forever!!!!!! And I, too, want to meet Aryn already!!!



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