Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Doctors Appointment

Well I missed my 11:50am appointment today because of stupid construction on Highway 1 and 68th Street. I can't wait until that intersection is done! So they rescheduled me for 1pm.

While I waited, I went to the new mall and had horrible contractions the whole time. I could barely walk. So I left and just drove to the doctor's appointment.


- 2cm dilated
- Still 50% effaced
- Baby extremely low
- Water sac is "bulging"
- Doctor very surprised I haven't gone into labour yet
- Doctor said she'd be surprised if I make it the rest of this week - however, she was very adamant that it could be another few weeks - however unlikely

I do have to do a bladder test, only because it hurts when I pee and I pee about 80 billion times a day, so you can imagine that I'm not too excited about peeing - ever.

So I drove home after stopping quickly at Old Navy. I got home, got out of Red Dragon (the Tribute... yes, we name our vehicles), and I dropped a bunch of napkins on the ground. I bent over to pick them up, stood up, took 1 step and....

I *think* my water broke.

So now we're playing the waiting game. Did it or didn't it?? Time will tell. I'm waiting until contractions start getting stronger and closer together. I want to labour at home as long as I can before heading to the hospital.

I wish when your water broke it was like bright green or blue or something so that you KNEW if it broke. But noooo it has to look, smell, and act like pee. Stupid water.

So I'll keep you posted.


  1. Woohoo!! Sounds promising! If your bag of waters was bulging and you felt it pop, it could very well have been! I have heard if it has no odor that its your water but otherwise its pee. I don't have any experience there though. I had my water broken with D and K was born with his. So, I didn't sniff it either time. lol. Anyway, still exciting!! Text me when you head to the hospital! I will keep everything crossed you have her soon and safely!

  2. I don't know anything about this since I didn't go into labor, but I hope this is it!! I'll keep my cell next to me tonight and tomorrow! Text me when things get rollin'!

  3. Sounds like your water broke :) Woo-hoo, I really hope it did because you sound like you are ready to meet your baby girl. When my water broke with Big mack it was like a big "GUSH" (sorry a little bit gross for blogger-land, right?) and it was just water, no smell or anything - good luck, I hope everything is going well :)


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