Monday, September 20, 2010

Why "Aryn"?

I've had a few people ask us about Aryn's name, so I thought I'd give a little background on it.

Basically, Ryan and I were stuck on 2 names and neither of us liked the other one's pick. Ryan liked Adrienne, and I liked Isabelle. Then, because of stupid Twilight (seriously, what is with the obsession on that?!) "Isabella" was the #1 name this year. And I don't want my little girl going to school with 15 other little girls with such a similar name. So we vetoed Isabelle. And I just never fell in love with Adrienne, even though I tried really hard.

Anyways, we were watching tv downstairs one day and Ryan suggested Erin. And I really like that name, but I know soooo many Erin's that I didn't want anyone thinking we named her after them hahahaha. So while I hummed and hawed it, he goes "But we'll spell it 'Aryn' - which is 'Ryan' with the letters mixed up."

I loved it.

And our next child will be Neside.


  1. I'm placing an early vote for Sidnee!!!

  2. I LOVE Aryn's name! You made me LOL with Neside tho! HA! I will say, I adore Amber's suggestion of Sidnee!! How sweet would that be?!

  3. LOL DEnise you are hilarious...but Sidnee....that is brilliant Amber. Love it!

    Denise, thanks for the blog love Mama. HOpe you are holding up well and Aryn is being a dream for you:)


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