Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I went for an anesthetic consultation at the hospital this morning. My appointment was at 9am, I saw the doc at 10am ( angry4 )

So he met with me, and explained the risks that, should I need a c-section for whatever reason, what are my choices:

1. Put me under
2. Spinal
3. Epidural

After looking at my chart and talking to me, he was very leery about all options - but, in this day and age when c-sections are quite common, they need to have an option. So, I sat there while he (the guy that gives the epidurals... what are they called again...), the gynecologist and the doctor all conversed about my state of health. They got on the phone with the neurologist who I saw in 2003 regarding my neck fracture and the 4 of them had a good discussion.

(Side note: I have been asking for this exact conversation to be had for the last 2 years. They waited until I was almost 37 weeks pregnant to get to it!)

Anywho, it has been ruled that:

1. I CAN, in fact, get an epidural
2. I CAN, in fact, get a spinal
3. They do not want me to be put under in the case that I should need a c-section

They also defined my neck problems as a "disease" and are quite concerned that no one has followed up in the last few years. Basically, if it gets worse, it can actually cause me severe problems as I get older. - this is the disease - and the neck problem that is the cause for all of this worry is that I have a syrinx.

Anyways, after they decided this, I got the pleasure of sitting there and listening to them tell me how painful labour is and that more than 80% of the births they do at this hospital are epidural births and that I'll more than likely ask for an epidural. Which kinda pissed me off because I think that, as a doctor, you should support the patient's choice of wanting a natural birth instead of speaking pain into their lives.

Oh and I've had severe cramping all day all over my stomach - mostly in the lower region, but it's definitely much more severe than it has been. Fingers crossed this means things are moving??

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