Friday, August 10, 2012

What bangs?

Aryn's hair grows super fast, which is wonderful for a mom who loves to do her hair up in pretty braids and bows. Unfortunately, it wreaks havoc on my wallet. I found a local hair dresser who cuts Aryn's hair for $10, but when you are going every 3 weeks, it gets a little expensive. So, in my plan to re-invent myself, I went to Wal-mart, bought some hair scissors, Googled some easy ways to cut kids bangs, and went to town.

This is how it turned out:


Photobucket Photobucket

Yes, she is still cute as a button. But, her hair looks ridiculous. In my own selfish way, I am secretly praying it grows out before her 2nd birthday!!

While I have no photos to document the action, I have cleaned out my closet. Every piece of clothing I haven't worn in a few months is in a garbage bag, ready to be sent to the big bins at the recycle depot. Someone else can use my clothes, when they're just taking up room.

Why no photos?

I considered it long and hard. I figured it would be an easy way to learn tricks of the camera and take some awesome photos. But, in the end, I decided I didn't want anyone to see what I was giving away. I like the idea of anonymousness, of not seeming like I am "bragging" about all the clothes I have but never wear. The old adage, "there are children in foreign lands who would love that shirt," rang in my head as I emptied every single drawer.

But, in my new-found desire to re-invent myself, I have plenty of closet space for new clothes so that one day I can walk outside and feel confident in who I am, and how I look. No more Lululemon's to run to the store; nope, this girl is going to get some style.



  1. I love the last word...just made me laugh. :)

  2. Hahaha! Justin told me if I spent the mo ey on a pair of Lulu lemons, he would make me wear them to the store just because they cost to much! Haha

  3. SO cute. I think it suits her! Maybe a little uneven but she is still so stinking cute! I just wanna kiss her little face all over! She almost looks like a ginger version of my D...


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