Friday, June 4, 2010

24 Weeks!!

24 weeks is a huge milestone. Through the entire pregnancy, I've had people tell me "just wait for your 24th week!" I never really understood why, but at our pre-natal class the nurse teacher told me that at 24 weeks, your baby will most likely survive outside of the womb, unless there is something seriously wrong with her. Which there isn't. (yay!) I read online that 23 weeks was the survival line, but apparently not - it's 24 weeks. So ignore what I wrote last week haha.

I've been doing a lot of research lately on labour. My friend Nicole has sent me quite a few online birth videos and some of them are really graphic but they are all natural child births - meaning no drugs. To be honest, since we found out we were pregnant I have been terrified of labour. But watching these women deal with it and push on through, I have this new-found excitement for labour. I'm actually EXCITED for labour! I can't wait to prove to myself, to Ryan, to everyone that it CAN be done without drugs. And that I can do it without drugs (I'm the biggest pain baby in the world!).

My pre-natal class is awesome - she's giving us lots of tips on how to push through labour and how to make it quicker, less painful, etc. I've decided I am most likely going to live in the shower and I am totally ok with that. Even if I'm as wrinkly as our sweet baby girl, I don't care.

It's just sooooo far away!!!! I'm 6 months, but according to the week chart, you're actually more or less pregnant for 10 months so that means I have 4 months to go. All of June, July, August, and most of September. *sigh* It's so far away!!

Tomorrow morning mom and I are going garage saleing (yay!) and then Ryan and I are heading into Calgary to baby window shop - look for stuff we want, write everything down, the prices where they are, etc. My goal is to find inexpensive crib bedding (why the hell is crib bedding so damn expensive?!?! $200 for a couple of sheets?? The bedding on our king bed is more than half of that!) and little do-dads for the baby - like wooden block letters to put up on the wall.

Yesterday I re-organized her bedroom. I took all the clothes and cloth diapers off the bed and put them in drawers and in their place. The book shelf is half full of books already - crazy! I also realized I have 3 different versions of Wynken, Blynken and Nod haha. The clothes are so tiny, I can't lie - I got misty eyed folding them up and putting them in the drawer. I am going to need a LOT more clothes. And her little cloth diapers - I have my favourites, and some that are ugly but I'm hoping will still serve a purpose. I really hope I push on through the cloth diaper stuff. Wish me luck!!

Ok... now here's a 24 week photo of me..... don't laugh....



  1. That is a super cute baby bump!

  2. I think you look like a beautiful glowing momma!! <3


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