Monday, June 7, 2010

First OBGYN Appointment!

So today I had my first OB appointment. It's an office with 6 female doctors and 9 on-call female doctors. Basically, every time you go you meet a different female doctor so that you've met all of them so that when you go into labour, you know who's delivering your baby.

First, the nurse who did the initial tests was AWESOME. I loved her. She was so informative, she was so proud of me for wanting to exclusively breastfeed, and she was just all around awesome.

Then the doctor came in. She's really nice, but I felt that with some of the questions she asked regarding epidurals was that she was pro-epidurals and pro-c-sections. I told her that I want to have a drug-free labour and she said that is always their goal but sometimes you just have to have a c-section. Aaaanyways, I ended up telling her I can't have an epidural and explained why and she was pretty alarmed at the story. So she's going to try to get the info from my neurologist to make sure everything will be ok for labour. Hopefully everything is fine. Oh and she told me if they did have to do a c-section I'd be put under... which scares me soooooo much and I started crying in the room. I told her I really don't want to have a c-section and I will do everything possible not get one. The response was more of a "well, whatever" - healthy baby is most important. Which I agree with but... you know how it is....

And then she checked my heart and apparently I have a heart murmur. Apparently it can be pretty common but she may send me for a heart ultrasound. So my fingers are crossed that everything is ok with that.

Anyways, I'm excited about the Maternity Care Centre but I'm a little nervous about my MRI info and my heart murmur. I know it's pointless to worry but .. sometimes you can't help it! But, baby is fine!! Heart beat is strong, she kicked the heart listening thingy which was pretty funny. I'm excited to go back and meet the next doctor and continue going there until we go into labour. Yay!

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