Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where are you, toes??

I looked down in the shower today and realized I could not see my toes anymore. I'm sure it's been a long time since that's happened, but I just haven't noticed. Ryan came home from work today and gave me a big hug and I believe his exact words were "WOW, you're huge!" Thanks. Friends right off.

I never knew what heartburn was, and apparently my ignorance is being paid for right now because I am on day 2 of massive heartburn. No matter how many Tums I eat, or what I do, or how I sit or stand or lay down - heartburn. It's so uncomfortable. But then, a little kick or somersault or punch reminds me of why I have this awful heartburn and it all seems to be ok. But seriously, I could really do without the heartburn.

25 weeks tomorrow. Wow. Only 15 weeks to go. It seems like forever, yet not long enough. Regardless of the awful morning sickness, awful heartburn, awful sleeps, extreme exhaustion, etc etc etc, I am thoroughly loving pregnancy. It's an amazing feeling to know you're actually creating a human being. It's not like I drove myself to the pound and bought a dog (which everyone should do in their lifetime... I'm still working on Ryan letting me get another one) - I am actually creating something. And when it's done, when the ding of the oven goes off - it's going to be MINE. When it cries, I can't hand it off to someone else and tell them to deal with it. When it poops, I can't pretend I don't smell something and slyly walk away. This child is going to be my responsibility. I can dress it how I want, teach it what I want, and try to teach it all the things I feel it should be taught in order to be an amazing human being. A human being full of love, respect, and pure happiness. God, I want her to be happy.

No belly pics this week. Maybe next :)


  1. Try the ROLAIDS soft chews - I ate those with Miss. Matea and they helped--Aryn is going to be an adorable baby girl, and more than likely she will have a full head of hair (cute & an old wives tale, that so far has ended up being true for me and my friends)

  2. Buy the Rolaids soft chews in a small pack, just in case... I bought some and gagged at the texture.... that might just be my experience, but I was glad I got a small pack at the corner store instead of a big pack at the pharmacy.

    What I found that works best for heartburn - and is 100% natural - are papaya enzymes. You can get them at Whole Foods and other health food stores. They are chewable tablets and you can eat AS MANY AS YOU WANT in a day, unlike TUMS/Rolaids. You can also eat fresh/dried papaya, but I don't like the taste, so I go for the tablets. I've dealt with acid reflux for YEARS - it started in 9th grade!! And I took prevacid and nexium for YEARS to help combat it... but eventually the prescribed meds stopped working, and I was waking up at night to vomit because of the reflux... I started taking the papaya enzymes and within 2 months I didn't need to take them daily anymore... only as needed! That's AMAZING, in my opinion, and I really think that they FIXED the pH levels in my stomach which is why it's not a reoccuring issue anymore.

    When I get heartburn now that I'm pregnant - usually at night when I'm laying down - I just grab 4 tablets at once, chew them up, swallow them down and within 5 or 10 mins I notice that I'm not really noticing the heartburn anymore. It's still slightly there - beacuse Madeline isn't giving my stomach/esophagus mush room in there to digest properly - but it's not painful and the burps/reflux goes away almost entirely. :o)

    And... I can still see my feet... but I haven't seen my crotch in WEEKS! Crotch landscaping has become an extreme sport! hahaha

  3. Hahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahaha crotch landscaping, soooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you are correct, I can't see my toes either unless I lean forward. However, all the leaning forward in the world doesn't make it possible to see my crotch.


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