Friday, June 25, 2010

27 Weeks!

I spent my first day at 27 weeks at the hospital for over an hour. Why, you may ask? Well, it's that time of the pregnancy where I have to do my big sugar/diabetes blood test, pee into a cup and all that good stuff. They make you drink this bottle of sugar that tastes like orange pop, then sit there for an hour before you can do your blood work. Turns out no one else was in the waiting room (a rare occurrence!) so that was awesome! Funny story though, I sat on the far end near the emergency door so that I could have some sunlight while I waited my hour. There was literally NO ONE ELSE in the waiting room with at least 30 other chairs available. This old woman decides that the only place she wants to sit is RIGHT next to me, and proceeds to fart the entire time. It was disgusting. I gave her the nastiest looks! I moved places even and kept giving her nasty looks every time she let one rip (.... ok.... at first my "nasty look" was me laughing... come on - farts are funny!). Thankfully they called her name quickly and after waiting a few minutes for the air to clear, I went back to my super awesome spot.

Anyways, so I was telling Ryan last night that there's no possible way I could get ANY bigger than I already am. But apparently, I will. So, here's a 27 week photo. Yikes!! Moooooooo!!!!
27 Weeks

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  1. I think you look tiny and great!! You're growing a perfect bump, for a perfect Aryn!! <3


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