Saturday, March 13, 2010

Date Night!!

Wow... Ryan and I realized today that since we started dating, we have seen a total of 4 movies in the theatre. And they are (in order):

1) King Kong (the movie Ryan took me on our first "real" date!)
2) Transformers
3) Transformers 2
4) Avatar (today)

Today, Ryan thought we should go for a date! We went and saw Avatar (not in 3-D). It was even more than I expected and I was just blown away. I only had to leave once to pee! WOO!!!! We got a really crappy bag of popcorn (seriously, for $7.50 a bag, you'd think we'd get at least good popcorn - not the bottom-of-the-barrel-crap!), and the place was full and the kid in front of me kept rocking her stupid chair... but none of it mattered when they were the Avatars on Pandora. Seriously, the scenery was breathtaking.

Then, Ryan took me for supper! A&W, bitches! My veggie burger was delicious, and it's been about an hour since I've eaten it and I am working fiercely on keeping it down. Their veggie burgers are so delicious, I don't want it coming back up. I'm working hard. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

So that's our Saturday!! Tomorrow: laundry and groceries. What a life we lead!!

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