Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our 3rd Anniversary Weekend

Ok so I am writing this on here because Ryan never reads it and he made me PROMISE not to mention this on Facebook... but he never said anything about my blog soo..... muahahahaha!!

This weekend was our weekend getaway to Banff, courtesy of my parents (who got us a hotel room and couples massage) and Ryan's parents (who paid for our meals)! We are extremely fortunate to have parents so generous and I know we'd never have had a holiday like this if it weren't for them.

So let's start from the beginning....

On Thursday, I got a horrible case of morning sickness. I think I even mentioned that it lasted all day and by 4am on Friday I was up throwing up and was extremely sick the entire day. I even had to get my dad to go buy me gatorade because I was afraid I was getting dehydrated. So I finally broke down and made it to Extra Foods on Friday to buy some more Diclectin because, seriously, it's impossible to survive when you're THAT sick.

(How people go through morning sickness like this while having a small child running around is beyond me. I am going to be praying like crazy the "next time" for less severe morning sickness because I might actually start pulling out my hair otherwise!)

Aaanyways, so I started Diclectin at about 4pm on Friday with a mild overdose to make it through the night. By Saturday I was groggy and foggy-headed. If you've ever had Gravol and had to stay awake, you'd know what I mean. So at about 10am Ryan and I headed on the road for Banff, making a quick stop at CrossIron Mills mall in Calgary to walk around and check things out (lo and behold, my darling "cheap" husband spent more money than I did! Woo!).

When we finally made it to Banff, we checked into our beautiful hotel room (complete with heated tiled floors, steam shower - which I wasn't allowed to use, fireplace, and gorgeous view). We had massages booked for 3:30, so we made our way into town and found the spa.

DISCLAIMER: When I booked the massage, the woman asked me "would you prefer male masseuses or female?" Naturally, I said female. End disclaimer.

So we are sitting in the waiting room and then 2 men come out and ask us if we're Denise and Ryan. I would have loved to have seen our faces. I'm fairly certain our mouths were on the ground as we stared at these 2 men. The older man, my masseuse, has a gray mustache that was waxed on the tips as an elegant feature. He was - give or take - 65. Ryan's masseuse was a younger man, probably early 30s, overweight, and looked just about as excited as we did with this plan.

1 hour later, Ryan and I left the massage parlour and made our way back to our hotel for a prompt shower to wash off the "man rubbing", as my husband so eloquently puts it.

Massages by dudes. Seriously??

But it made for a hilarious story! We then went for supper at Giorgio's (Italian) and although I'm sure it was very good, by then I was getting quite nauseous again that all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel, put on my sweat pants and get into bed. Which is precisely what we did. We couldn't go walk around, we couldn't go to a pub, we couldn't even leave the vehicle at the hotel and walk to the restaurant! I felt so bad for poor Ryan but he's a trooper and very understanding.

I for one can not WAIT for this damn morning sickness to be over!!!!!

All in all it was a very nice, relaxing weekend. It was nice to sleep in a bed without Bauer hogging 2/3 of the bed (seriously, he's a bed hog!) and it was even nicer not being woken up at 5am by Bauer giving himself a bath. I slept through the entire night except for 1 quick pee break (which is a new record for the last 3 months!).

I am SO glad we went away, but I hope we can do it again before the baby comes when we can actually DO things and enjoy where we are rather than me searching for the nearest toilet. Hopefully that comes sooner than later!!!

Thank you again Mom and Dad, Butch & Diana for a wonderful weekend away. We definitely needed it and we are both SO grateful!! Well... Ryan is less grateful since he had to get "rubbed down by a dude."

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