Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 13

Depending on what website you check out, I'm either already a week into my 2nd trimester, or I'm starting my 2nd trimester today. Either way... I'm in my 2nd trimester!!! How exciting!!

Nothing really new to report...... pants are fitting quite snug, my American Eagle hoodies make me look about 6 months pregnant (seriously... what's up with that?!), we've told everyone and their dog (hmm... I should probably tell the world of Facebook.... naaahh), and we've begun trying to knock Bauer down a peg in his place in this family hahaha. The poor guy's nose is going to be SO out of joint when this baby comes! Not my #1?! What's he going to do!??!?! So I've started working diligently in making him realize he's a dog, and not my baby. He's not too impressed as of yet...He's turned into a pouty, whiny baby haha. But it's super cute!

We've decided on a baby room (yay!), and we're agreeing on more names which will remain secret until baby comes. I have an apt on Monday to find out the results of the Nuchal Translucency test and then I'll be able to book my 18-week ultrasound and find out what this baby is! At this point, we have no idea.

Ryan has taken to calling the baby "Bruno." So there is lots of "Hi, Bruno!"'s going on. It's pretty adorable how much he refers to the baby as Bruno. FYI... that will NOT be the baby's name if it's a boy!!! But it sure beats referring to the baby as "it"!

I'm still sicker than a dog... I felt better for a few days there and then yesterday I don't know what happened but all hell broke loose! And today I've been up since 4am throwing up so I'm just feeling awesome! They say the sicker you are, the healthier the baby... this baby is gonna be HEALTHY!!!!!!! We're going to Banff tomorrow for the weekend for our anniversary (thank you Mom and Dad!) and I'm nervous because it will NOT be fun going for a nice dinner and spending it in the bathroom!! Augh, the thought of that makes me cringe!

But all in all, everything else is going well! I can't wait to start buying things, but we're going to wait until June. JUNE! That's gonna take FOREVER to get here!!!!

13 weeks down... 27 to go!!

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