Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 11

So on Saturday, I went shopping with my mother in law at Thyme Maternity. Wow... what a moment in the twilight zone! I can't fit into most of my clothes now (probably more because in the first 10 weeks I ate everything in sight and only now am I the opposite!), so I had to get some stuff. Anyways, while we were there, I realized I forgot my anti-nausea meds at the farm so I couldn't take them! I ended up still feeling awesome, even in the evening! AND I didn't end up taking any meds on Sunday AT ALL!! I felt great all day!!

So, of course, that made me feel 2 ways:

1) SUPER pumped that the nausea has gone away!!!
2) Terrified that something bad had happened, which is why I wasn't nauseous anymore.

Anyways, so I was freaking out but excited at the same time. I told Ryan I was SO happy not to have to take the meds anymore (I HATE that I have to take these drugs!).

But... last night, after a big bowl of popcorn....... all hell broke loose.

I am now back on the pills. *sigh*


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