Monday, March 29, 2010

A little terrified

I have been informed by my doctor that - under no circumstances - am I allowed to get an epidural when I go into labour. Thanks. Could have told me that about 4 months ago! I have a hole in the middle of my spinal cord and this "flap" (yes, that's the technical term) that stops the fluid in your spine from going into your brain is broken. Soooo my spinal fluid actually circles my brain a bit. Apparently this is NOT uncommon and NOT anything to worry about. However, in the incident that I get an epidural, it will actually numb not only the lower half of my body, but it could also numb my brain and ... well, she used words that scare me so all in all, no epidurals.

Sooooo, me: the person who whines when Ryan pinches her or cries for an hour when she stubs her toe or complains about ANY sort of pain, will actually have to endure labour with NO pain medication.

Thanks, God!!

I am freaking out only a little. I decided to contact a girl I grew up with in Northern Alberta, who actually is on her 4th child and has done her last 3 births at home and with a doula and she is going to coach me and give me all the necessary information I need. I am so relieved and I feel a LOT better since we decided to meet next week. I can't wait!


When I got engaged, I prayed everyday (or, at least when I remembered!) to God that He would give me a beautiful wedding day. No snow, no blizzard. I told Him that He made me wait a long time for my husband so I expect this to be my reward - a beautiful wedding day (and... a wonderful husband...). Well, the week before my wedding was cold, rainy, snowy, dreary. The day after my wedding it snowed. The day OF my wedding was +18C.

I am going to use the same tactic as my wedding day. God made me wait 2 years for a baby. He made me endure the loss of one child, and a year of heartache. So, my reward: an easy birth. None of this pushing for 2 hours crap. Nope, not for me. I am honestly going to *try* to BELIEVE for this!

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  1. Everything I've read from medical journals, to personal blogs say that natural births progress MUCH faster than medically altered births. You're able to stand and sway to get the baby into the birth canal, you're able to push from positions other than laying flat on your back - which is counter productive - you're able to FEEL when to push, instead being told when to push... all in all, your body and mother nature knows what to do, and I truely believe it'll happen the smoothest if we let it do what it's meant to do. <3 -Nicole


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