Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok, NOW I'm complaining

I've said since the beginning that I will not complain about morning sickness. But seriously. This is ridiculous. Since 4:50am I have been living in the washroom. I can't stop throwing up!!

Hey, Baby Bean... what are you doing to me? Getting back at me for taking a peek at you yesterday? Seriously? You're going to get a spanking when I see you!


Seriously though.... this is ridiculous. I guess Diclectin is back in the game.


  1. If its any consolation, my morning sickness was always worse for about two or three days before it went away. I swear I thought I had a stomach flu for a few days and then I would wake up fine one morning. It happened both times! Hope thats the case for you!

  2. That's honestly how I felt yesterday - that something was seriously wrong! It didn't get better until Ryan went and got me Gatorade. I think I was semi-dehydrated. I'm feeling much better today though! WHEWF!! hahaha


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