Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uh oh...

So my Saturday has consisted of me creating a baby registry. Why? Because there is a lot of things that I *want* (not necessarily need!) and I wanted to add up how much everything would cost. Now, mind you - we don't know what we're having yet so I picked 3 different crib themes: one for a boy, one for a girl, and one neutral. So reeeeally, the baby registry isn't a realistic price assumption.

Regardless, it's going to be ridiculous!

I have finally convinced Ryan to make our one spare room the baby room so that I can keep my office in tact. And by "convinced Ryan," I clearly made him think it was completely HIS idea and therefore I got what I've been wanting from the beginning. 3 years of marriage has taught me well!!

We need basics:
- Crib (but what colour????)
- Dresser (but what colour????)
- Crib set/blankets (again, what colour????)
- A stroller/car seat
- High chair
- swings and toys and vibrating thingies and burping cloths, and... and... and... and....

It goes on for days!!

I'm a little overwhelmed. Thankfully, we have about 5 months to worry about this all and to get things purchased. April 23rd is my gender ultrasound so I'll be able to narrow down colours.

I can't wait to get rid of the king bed in the spare room and start decorating!!!!!

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  1. I wish I lived in Canada - we'd totally take that King bed off your hands!!

    Also, don't forget a pack n' play for in your room for when baby is little bity and you have to get up with him every 1-2 hours all night. Most babies don't go sleep in their "own room" in their crib till they're 4-6 months old. (We got a super cute one on sale at Babys R Us that is brown w/blue and green and teal leaves, so it's totally gender neutral!)


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